Monofilaments for geotextiles

Geotextiles made of monofilament from epsotech, are nowadays building materials that are indispensable.

HDPE and polypropylene are the ideal base material for applications in the ground or for securing work.


Drainage (HDPE/PP)
Root & weed protection (HDPE/PP)
Reinforcemen (HDPE/PP)
Erosion control (HDPE/PP)


HDPE: 0.18 – 0.60
PP: 0.20 – 0.60

Possible finishes:
Flame retardant
More on request

epsotech Recycling Loop

In times when more sustainability is demanded from the plastics industry, we see it as our duty to focus our developments and innovations on recyclable products. Also for the Fibre sector we offer solutions based on biodegradable raw materials, PCR or Sea Plastics, such as the first maritime rope - Rope to Rope.

In addition, epsotech offers a wide service taking back plastic products from our customers and the market.

Please contact our Fibre Team for more information.

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