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At our plant in Tistrup, Denmark epsotech manufactures high quality monofilament yarns made of high-density polyethylene and of polypropylene. Most of the output is used for weaving technical fabric.

What are Polyolefin monofilaments and in which areas are they used?

Polyolefin monofilaments are used as components in the technical fabric industry, in filtration systems, fencing, fishing nets and ropes and in medical technology.

Our wealth of expertise enables us to design technical monofilaments exactly according to our customers’ requirements.

Particular emphasis is placed on ocean plastic and recycled components.

In times when more sustainability is demanded from the plastics industry, we see it as our duty to focus our developments and innovations on recyclable products.

Especially for the rope segment we take advantage of PLASTIX A/S raw materials sourced from the maritime industry with very good results. Absolutely comparable to virgin material but with a much better story behind.

Our standard dimensions range between:

  • 0,18mm - 0,55mm

Our application range includes the following areas:

  • Monofilaments for technical weaving
  • Monofilaments for narrow web weaving
  • Monofilaments for wide web weaving
  • Monofilaments for filtration
  • Monofilaments for fencing
  • Monofilaments for knitting
  • Monofilaments for geotextiles
  • Monofilaments for fishing nets and ropes
  • Monofilaments for medical purposes

Special features:

  • Flame retarded monofilament fibres
  • UV-protected monofilament fibres
  • Monofilament fibres in standard colors and special colors
  • Food contact compliant monofilament fibres

For further information about monofilament yarn please contact:

Jacob Skriver


+45 40112599

epsotech · engineered polymer sheets · Phone +44 (0) 131 333 3369
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