One of the most successful applications of engineered polymer sheets is in agricultural and earth moving machines.

No matter whether it is an interior or exterior part, epsotech has a highly experienced team of sales and technical advisors and is proud to be a market leader, supporting continued improvement in design, reliability, durability and performance.

epsotech supplies virtually all major OEMs with materials via our vacuum forming customers – we have the complete set of solutions to suit your needs, in every colour and texture combination available.

Engineered polymer sheets have long been a key choice in the replacement of metal parts, offering excellent UV, chemical and impact resistance – keeping the vehicle in better condition for a longer life, with very low or zero maintenance requirements.

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epsotech Agricultural and earth moving machines · Key products

Application Material Main features
External panels, bumpers ABS/PMMA UV performance, glossy or matt
PC-ABS/PMMA Higher impact
PP high gloss Similar look to PMMA, super arduous environments
Interior cabin trim ABS matt Matt, UV, repetitiveness
ABS hi-heat Temperature,paintable
ABS-TPE Soft feel
PC/ABS FR Smoke non-toxicity
Plant machinery areas PPO High heat resistance, wet areas
Wheel arch liners PP talc filled, HDPE Sharp stone impact resistance
Under-body and bonnet ABS hi-heat, PC High heat deformation resistance
Grilles, badges, logos ABS chrome Decorative parts

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