Our engineered polymer sheets for agricultural and earth moving machines.

No matter whether it is an interior or exterior part, epsotech offers the right material solution – durable and low-maintenance.

Engineered polymer sheets have long been a key choice in the replacement of metal parts, offering excellent UV, chemical and impact resistance – keeping the vehicle in better condition for a longer life, with very low or zero maintenance requirements.

Innovation is our guiding spirit and, thanks to our in-house team of experts, we always keep an eye on the latest standards. We respond to increased requirements, e.g. for heat resistance and impact strength, with specially developed and customized products.

epsotech supplies all major OEMs with materials – we have the complete set of solutions to suit your needs, in every color and texture combination available:

  • Glossy, matt, super matt embossed​
  • Standard and metallic Colors​
  • High stiffness and good impact strength​
  • Excellent weather resistance; UV-stable​
  • Chemical and scratch resistance​
  • High heat resistance
  • Gauge: 2 – 10 mm​

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epsotech Agricultural and earth moving machines · Key products

Application Material Main features
External panels, bumpers ABS/PMMA UV performance, glossy or matt
PC-ABS/PMMA Higher impact
PP high gloss Similar look to PMMA, super arduous environments
Interior cabin trim ABS matt Matt, UV, repetitiveness
ABS hi-heat Temperature,paintable
ABS-TPE Soft feel
PC/ABS FR Smoke non-toxicity
Plant machinery areas PPO High heat resistance, wet areas
Wheel arch liners PP talc filled, HDPE Sharp stone impact resistance
Under-body and bonnet ABS hi-heat, PC High heat deformation resistance
Grilles, badges, logos ABS chrome Decorative parts

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