Our commitment for your protection – discover our antimicrobial and antiviral portfolio.

epsotech has developed an antimicrobial product range incl. PVC, ABS and PMMA - our latest innovation is our highly effective, new antiviral PVC which provides protection against SARS-2 (Covid‑19).

Solutions in response to the increasing requests for materials which reduce the growth of harmful organisms such as bacteria and viruses, while remaining entirely safe for sensitive applications.

  • PVC for wall protection in hospitals, schools, airports and medical applications
  • ABS/ASA for ambulance interiors and medical devices
  • ABS/PMMA for sanitary applications

Our antimicrobial and antiviral extruded PVC sheets are easy to install as wall coverings in a wide range of public facilities and prevent the growth of bacteria and viruses without using toxins. The surface is scratch resistant, easy to clean and chemical resistant.

Our products inhibit the growth of microorganisms or kill them over 24-hour period and meet the specification ISO 22196 and ISO 21702:2019.

New epsotech antiviral product solutions

The new epsotech antiviral product solutions offer 80% protection after 6 hours with a significant reduction of virus on surface and 90% protection after 24 hours with very low residual viruses remaining on the surface without cleaning!

  • We can now expand our standard PVC range from 0,80mm – 4,50mm gauge.

Antiviral/-microbial range datasheets

Wall protection – key products

Ambulance interiors and medical devices – key products

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