Lightweight, attractive and durable engineered polymer sheets for the e-mobility industry.

epsotech in the automotive market: Many of our epsotech materials are used by today’s leading manufacturers in the construction of short-series vehicles, luxury cars, leisure cars, low-speed and electric vehicles.

Our engineered polymer sheets are produced to perform in the automotive market with attractive and durable finishes. Manufactured with the latest technologies, they are easily processed by vacuum forming and fabrication. Their performance properties make them suitable for both internal and external applications.

epsotech E-Mobility · Key products

Application Material Main features
External panels, bumpers ABS/PMMA UV performance, glossy or matt
PC-ABS/PMMA Higher impact
Interior trim ABS matt Matt, UV, repetitiveness
ABS hi-heat Temperature,paintable
ABS-TPE Soft feel
PC/ABS FR Smoke non-toxicity
Wheel arch liners PP talc filled, HDPE Sharp stone impact resistance
Under-body and bonnet ABS hi-heat, PC Deformation resistance
Grilles, badges, logos ABS chrome Decorative parts
Boot liners PP & PE blends, PP/TPE A range of performance features

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