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At epsotech, we are strongly committed to sustainability and, in particular, to the topic of the circular economy.

The goal of our efforts is to sustainably expand our production portfolio, further increase the use of CO2-reducing materials, and develop innovative products that enable a future worth living for all of us. Together with our employees, suppliers and
customers – we make sustainability a central issue for the future.

Because caring is our solution for a greener future.

The new epso brand overview

The new epsobrand emphasizes the transition to more sustainability and clear product differentiation

Sustainability in relation to our products means developing innovative solutions that are tailored to the requirements of the future.

Having been in the market for more than 60 years, epsotech is developing customized plastic solutions for a wide range of segments and markets. Each year, we supply more than 2,500 customers worldwide, combining the strengths of our six European production sites. Our products are as multifaceted as the markets and industries we serve.

That’s why we developed our new epsobranding to clearly differentiate our products and focus on their material characteristics and benefits.

Our basic product portfolio for standardized applications

Base polymers such as ABS, HDPE, PP or PS in various colors and finishes. Our versatile plastic sheets are used to manufacture a variety of products for a wide range of industries.

They can be thermoformed or cut into almost any desired shape – easy to process and fully recyclable.

Our SMART products contain up to 30 % PCR.

basic requirements ·
single and multi-layer

  • ABS
  • ABS/PMMA (standard grades)
  • HDPE
  • PP
  • PS

Our individual product solutions for technically demanding applications

Our high performance plastics solutions such as ABS PC, ABS FR, PE bootliner or PVC, which differ from standard plastics especially in temperature resistance, but also in chemical resistance and mechanical properties.

The epsoengineered products perform with excellent surface quality and color brilliance – tailored to the needs of our customers and the requirements of the market, in compliance with the relevant norms and standards.


high performance · coex products ·
special features

  • ABS PMMA specialities LF, HT
  • PC/ABS FR, ABS FR + V0
  • ABS chrome
  • PE bootliner
  • PP talc, PP soft, PP & PC rail (R1/R6)
  • PS V0, conductive, PS PE, PS PE antistatic
  • PVC
  • Antimicrobial

Our innovative products with a very special focus on the circular economy and CO2 reduction

For us, sustainable production means using natural resources responsibly and carefully so that they remain available to future generations.

Our epsoearth portfolio only contains products with at least 30 % PCR content. From Sea Plastics made from old fishing nets and ropes to innovative PE, ABS or PS based post-consumer materials – we are steadily expanding our green product range to provide the perfect match for all major applications.

Including a great story behind your new product.


alternative raw materials ·
new products



  • BIO biodegradable compound
    (in early development process)

The world is in constant change and so are we

Everything we create, we create not only for the here and now but also for tomorrow.

We are completely committed to sustainability and CO₂ reduction and direct all our product innovation towards finding alternative raw materials.

Join us in discovering the world of plastics with sustainable eyes. There are still so many new paths and opportunities – so be our sparring partner.

epsotech is your first address for green plastic solutions.

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