Aerospace Innovation

One of our most challenging innovations was to increase our range for aerospace interiors.

Our new R72 PVC sheet was developed especially for compliance to the FAR / JAR 25.853 (d) standard.

Aircraft interior material is especially difficult to develop, due to the need to bring together requirements of fire behaviour, formability, weight, service durability, chemical and staining resistance and the overall aesthetic – all without compromise. Using our unique extrusion process and, coupled with our decades of experience in this sector, we were able to develop a formulation that would meet all of those requirements and much more.

UK Managing Director Greg Shaw remarked “Our first customers for this development are very pleased with the overall balance of properties. Whilst standards compliance is a given in this sector, the overall feedback has been that it is both easy to form and has exceptional service durability. With our short lead times, dedicated sales/technical support and our European manufacturing facility, we are ready to discuss all new enquiries”

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E-Mobility innovation.

E-Mobility is a rapidly expanding market, and not only for the biggest OEMs.

One of our early projects was an electric vehicle for Deutsche Post developed by StreetScooter and epsotech was thrilled to be an early supply partner.

Innovation is the driving force behind all their electric commercial vehicles. StreetScooter has already become a vital linchpin in forward-thinking transport fleet solutions in Germany, and is Europe’s leading manufacturer of electric commercial vehicles. StreetScooter was founded in 2010 at RWTH Aachen and was based on the idea of making even the smallest electric vehicle fleet an economically attractive option and finding a successful, forward-thinking balance between cost and climate in the process. StreetScooter’s Aachen site develops and produces commercial vehicles powered entirely by electricity and focuses in the first instance on providing solutions for “last mile” deliveries.

So, the lightweight design demands of e-mobility bring together innovative ideas, materials and simplicity without loss of performance, to produce exciting new zero-emission vehicles fit for a greener future.

The epsotech advantage is our leading position in the supply of the right polymer solution for each application, regardless of the engineering challenge.

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Railway Innovation

epsotech is able to develop next-generation materials that meet the most demanding safety criteria.

We are now offering a world-first engineered polymer solution in compliance with harmonised European legislation governing the fire behaviour of materials used in rail carriages.

Our material conforms to EN45545-2 HL2/HL3 R6, specifically for seat shell and tray table elements.

It offers significant advantages in terms of density and chemical/graffiti resistance over standard solutions. Working closely with our technical team and partners, we help processors transition from other materials and select the right structural adhesive systems for a long service life.

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Caravan Innovation

Here at epsotech we are always looking to solve environmental and technical challenges.

One such project started out as a caravan door application for doors left open in summertime, that needed a high level of UV protection, but also a soft feel texture and, with the ability to be more easily reprocessed, therefore driving down overall costs.

epsotech has developed an alternative elastomer with scratch resistance comparable to traditional solutions, but with improved weathering resistance and easier recyclability.

Since finalising its development, we have identified other diverse uses for this material, ranging from personal protection vehicles to ski piste machines.

At epsotech, we take great care in meeting all technical and ecological requirements, and it is great to know that our materials have the potential for another lifecycle beyond their original design and purpose.


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