Durable engineered polymer sheet for the marine and offshore industry: wind turbines, machine covers etc.

Many of our materials are suitable for the harshest environments found in wind turbine, vessel and other offshore applications.

Our engineered polymer sheets have extensive advantages in terms of corrosion and UV resistance and, we can enhance weather and chemical resistance on both sides of the sheet, ensuring a long life of the part without ongoing maintenance costs.

We can supply a range of flame retardant formulations for the most common applications.

epsotech Marine and Offshore · Key products

Application Material Features
Recreational boats and cruise ship interior PP, PP-TPE Impact, chemical resistance, soft feel
Recreational boat exterior HDPE Impact, chemical resistance, chemical resistance
ASA Extreme UV, saltwater resistance
Recreational boat and cruise ship sanitary facilities ABS/PMMA UV, glossy, scratch resistance, household cleaner resistance
Cruise ship wall linings HIPS Easily formed and fabricated
Wind turbine machine covers PP High impact, chemical resistance, UV resistance
Wind turbine transportation covers ABS Durable protective transport protection

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