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Industry 4.0 – epsotech with certified real-time performance management systems

Jülich, February 2023 epsotech’s digitalization journey began in 2020, and now epsotech Italy has received the second certification on ERP – MES SPECTRUM systems.

The era of Industry 4.0 has already been ongoing for a few years, influencing the economy and industry. Industry 4.0 means a rapid development of new technologies, increased competitive intensity and confronts companies with new challenges. Companies need to focus their management system on increasing efficiency, innovation and competitiveness to gain and maintain a competitive advantage. “Industry 4.0 makes everything in the supply chain “smart” – from smart manufacturing to smart warehousing and logistics”, says Nicola Langé, ICT Manager at epsotech Italy. “But Industry 4.0 doesn't stop at the supply chain. It is linked to back-end systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to give our sites an unprecedented level of visibility and control”.

In the last 2 months epsotech Italy has received the second certification, Industry 4.0, for its ERP - MES & SPECTRUM systems and is now fully certified as a business unit. “We are extremely proud of our teams and this achievement. We will continue with our medium- and long-term strategy investments and projects to become the greenest extrusion company strongly embedded in fourth industrial revolution”, expresses Monika Strzelecka - Group Finance & Strategic Projects Manager. “Industry 4.0 is a major part of our company’s digital transformation”.

As an international company operating in several countries and serving a wide range of industries, epsotech was looking forward taking the next steps on the digital journey to ultimately benefit from all the advantages of an integrated, uniform system. Over the next years, real-time performance systems will be implemented on a groupwide level at all European locations.

Check out the full video on the epsotech YouTube channel!



Carina Marotta
Director of Marketing

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