VitasheetGroup becomes epsotech - engineered polymer sheets

Jülich, 12.10.2018

VitasheetGroup has formally changed the name of its business to epsotech - engineered polymer sheets.

The target is to position the plastic sheet business and the Group itself with a clear, common profile in the marketplace and with an internationally consistent brand image. The rebranding is spearheaded by a new internet presence at

"The time is right to realign and simplify our business branding with an internationally consistent brand identity and a clear profile," emphasizes Matthias von Buzay, CEO of the epsotech Group. "Our new brand, epsotech - engineered polymer sheets, will allow our customers to more easily identify us as a single business and we can consolidate our unique capabilities, to serve our markets in the best way possible." Following a change of ownership the Group has consolidated its position as the leading European supplier of plastic sheets and films. Until 2014, the British Vita Group was the owner, then a private equity fund acquired the group. "We have already successfully worked on realignment with the management team. The rebranding to epsotech is the next logical step for enhancing the conditions for further growth." says Dr. Michael Schumann, senior member of the Supervisory Board of epsotech. "The outstanding commitment of all our employees and our strong management teams form the basis for expanding our specialty business for engineered polymer sheet applications throughout Europe - with forward-looking product innovations and our continuous commitment to quality and service." adds Matthias von Buzay.

epsotech stands for unique know-how

The name "epsotech – engineered polymer sheets" perfectly describes what the Group stands for: epsotech is the leading specialist in engineering, i.e. the development and production of high-quality polymer sheets for the highest demands and individual requirements. In addition, epsotech offers a unique ability to process a variety of polymers and offer an unsurpassed range of products. "Our new brand, epsotech, stands for unique know-how, service and innovation," says Matthias von Buzay, CEO of epsotech.

Common umbrella for our locations

The rebranding into epsotech affects both the names of our brands and of our companies in the industrial thick gauge business. The existing company names are changed and locations with the following names appear on the market: epsotech Austria Gesellschaft m.b.H., epsotech Denmark A / S, epsotech France SAS, epsotech Germany GmbH, epsotech Italy s.r.l. and epsotech UK Ltd. For the business unit Plastic Films, the following applies: With Carolex and Axipack we are in an excellent competitive position, which is why the two brand names and company names remain unchanged. Under the umbrella of epsotech, we will further strengthen and expand the leading market positions of the two companies.

The rebranding is spearheaded by a new website at Here the new brand is presented in a modern, clear and appealing way. The external appearance – the corporate design – is refreshing and contemporary. The central element is the new, eye-catching epsotech logo, which will ensure the branding remains modern well in to the future. "Our corporate design is the visual staple for our new brand presence and underlines our new strength," says Matthias von Buzay.

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