Our polymer sheets for playground applications – durable, long lasting and sustainable.

epsotech playground material offers an extensive range of stylish colors and sustainable solutions that can help create the most imaginative play spaces.

Our unique formulations can provide a material with a variety of special characterizes for safety and minimal maintenance:

- grip designed emboss for slip resistance
- UV stabilization
- high impact resistance
- very good chemical resistance
- color stabilization
- chip and crack resistance
- gauge 6 – 20 mm

Our materials are easy to process using normal processing methods (milling, sawing, etc.) for playground applications and overall can be considered superior to many other material options. epsotech manufactures all materials in Europe.

Under specific conditions epsotech has the capability to reformulate and reuse customer material and post-consumer materials, making epsotech the ideal partner within the circular economy.

The special story behind your product: HDPE Playground sheets made from 100% Sea Plastics from old fishing nets and ropes.

epsotech Playground · Key products

Application Material Features
Play panels, play equipment, individual play components, parts for complete play systems and modules, playground signage and many other playground applications HDPE
100% SeaPlastic rHDPE 
UV stabilised, high impact strength, color stabilised, chip and crack resistance, with an optional embossed grip design that offers slip resistance.

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