The epsotech Polystyrene range

Due to specific requirements of our customers in terms of speed and flexibility, epsotech has created its own Polystyrene organization within the group.

Polystyrene is a versatile plastic used to make a variety of products for a wide range of industries. It can be thermoformed into almost any shape desired - easy to process and fully recyclable. One of the most widely used and cost-effective materials in the industry.

Our Polystyrene products can be supplied in various finishes, e.g. with surface gloss, different embossings, antistatic or UV stabilization. Material features include high mechanical strength and good impact resistance also at low temperatures.

Our standard production ranges between a maximum width of 2050mm and a thickness between 0,25 and 10mm. Of course, our R&D department is looking at tailor made approaches to meet customer requirements.

The versatility of our polystyrene portfolio allows us to offer appropriate solutions for various applications in a wide range of end markets.

We are focusing on the following market segments:

In each segment epsotech offers a unique product range featuring high quality standards and full expert advice. Polystyrene is fully recyclable and clean to manufacturer – take advantage of our groupwide buy-back service and let us help you to reach your environmental goals.

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