A greener future with Sea Plastics

The special story behind your product – turning waste from the maritime industry into viable products.

epsotech is launching a new post-consumer recycled product range together with PLASTIX A/S - a Danish cleantech recycling company specialized in converting fibres, fishnets, trawls and ropes into high-grade and virgin-like Green Plastic raw materials.

PLASTIX A/S sources fibre plastics in terms of fishing nets, trawls and ropes from an increasing number of ports, net makers, and plastics collectors globally. After sorting and fractioning, shredding, washing and separating they compound and extrude it into new Green Plastic raw materials.

Available raw material solutions are rPPC and rHDPE preferably in green or blue but nearly every color combination is possible.

Our Sea Plastics material will allow you to produce a wide variety of innovative products made from recycled material. Each sheet has an individual color touch which underlines the uniqueness of the material and not having a mass product.

For enquiries and product solutions please get in touch with our Sea Plastics expert

For enquiries and product solutions please get in touch with our Sea Plastics expert or with your local Sales Manager

Jørn Haahr

Sea Plastics

+45 7950 9901

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