epsotech is the market leader in design, reliability, durability and performance, for vacuum formed sheet requirements in trucks and vans.

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We offer the complete range of textures and colours and already supply many OEMs via our customer partnerships. Our engineered polymer sheets are suitable for the full range of vacuum forming applications, with most formulations specifically adapted to meet the exact specification requirements.

epsotech engineered polymer sheets have long been a key choice in the replacement of heavier materials, offering excellent UV, chemical and impact resistance – keeping the vehicle in better condition for a longer life, with very low or zero maintenance requirements.

epsotech Trucks and Vans · Key products

Application Material Main Features
Cabin interior ABS matt Matt, UV, repetitiveness
ABS hi-heat Temperature, paintable
ABS-TPE Soft feel
PC/ABS FR Smoke non-toxicity
PP talc filled Rigid technical applications
Wheel arches HDPE Sharp stone impact resistance
Exterior panel ABS/PMMA UV, glossy
Bumpers ABS/PMMA, PC/ABS, PPO/PA UV, glossy or matt
Low temperature/sharp impact
Air deflector PC/ABS Impact
Grilles/badges ABS-Chrome Decorative
Protection/truck bed liners PP flexible Chemical resistance, flexibility
PP talc filled + TPO Anti-slip
PS/PE Deep forming, flexible

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