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epsotech believes in the benefits of plastics solutions doing it the right way

It is impossible to imagine the modern world without plastics!

Plastics are durable, lightweight - thus reducing CO2 emissions – and recyclable. In general, our products help conserve resources thanks to their long lifes and multifaceted uses.

At epsotech we are committed to the reduction of plastics waste and the ideal of the circular economy. With a high recycling rate, we actively contribute to a more economical and sustainable environment. Our ambition is to continuously increase the rate of material we collect and reprocess.

second life becomes innovative

Plastics are the material of our time but too often become waste at the end of their lives.

Used plastics are a resource-efficient source of raw materials and we are investing in innovative recycling processes to keep material remnants and scraps inside the value circle. We offer our customers high quality and tailor-made products aiming to gradually upgrade our portfolio with 100% recyclability.

Preserving the environment shouldn’t be the consumer’s problem only: Our mission is to develop innovative products that help our customers reach their environmental goals. One of our overall targets is to generally substitute non-recyclable solutions in the market.

epsotech group-wide recycling strategy


Driving the transformation to a circular economy

The aim of the circular economy is to use plastics as efficiently and for as long as possible and then to recycle them. For this reason, the entire life cycle of a plastic product is considered from the very start: from raw material sourcing, through production, processing and use, to recycling.

In general, we distinguish between three different forms of recycling

In-House Recycling:
Offcuts and other production waste are processed directly and returned to the production cycle

Post-Industrial Recycling:
Post-industrial describes plastic that never made it to the consumer. This excess plastic is left over from the manufacturing and post-production processes and can be generated for a variety of reasons.

Post-Consumer Recycling:
Post-Consumer means that the plastic has been used for its intended purpose by the customer.

When it has completed its purpose, these plastics are recycled through various modern recycling processes.

We buy your
material remnants
and scraps!

second life well sorted

epsotech offers a wide service taking back plastics products from our customers and the market. This requires close relationships as we are depending on well sorted and clean material returns.


Our Sales Team will be your first counterpart for all recycling approaches and will keep you updated regularly. We are in the midst of a sustainable development process with constant evaluation.



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