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epsotech is launching LCA’s on selective epsoearth products

Jülich, September 19th, 2023 Today, epsotech has published its new life cycle assessment reports on epsoearth products, mainly for the playground segment, calculating the environmental impact of using alternative raw materials in the production of plastic sheets. This further strengthens the group's front runner position in terms of the use of PCR materials.

Since 2021, epsotech has been increasingly committed to the topic of sustainability, in particular to the ideal of the circular economy. The group's mission is to sustainably expand its product portfolio, increase the use of CO2-reducing materials and develop innovative products that enable a future worth living.

Now the group has achieved the next important milestone on the green journey. With the introduction of the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), epsotech is taking a major step towards its most important sustainability goal: to produce materials with a PCR content of at least 30% but up to 100%, to show the exact values of CO2 savings and thus to support customers in improving their environmental footprint.

Every product consumes resources and has an environmental impact. Sustainability is not only a question of the raw material used, but also refers to the complete supply chain:

  • Which raw materials were involved in the production process, and where do they come from?
  • How do my goods get produced?
  • How did the goods get transported?

Life cycle impact assessment (LCIA) covers all these relevant stages and combines ecological, technical and economic advantages. The aim is to get an objective assessment of the environmental impacts of the different products focusing on the customer’s perspectives.
Besides the LCA reports epsotech is in preparation for further certificates on group and product level and is striving for EcoVadis Gold certificate.

About epsotech:

For more than 60 years, epsotech has been developing customized plastic solutions for a wide range of segments and markets. Each year, the group supplies more than 2,500 customers worldwide, combining the strengths of 6 European production sites. epsotech offers the most comprehensive portfolio of extruded sheets and films in Europe - with the goal of 100% recyclability and return to the material cycle.


Carina Marotta
Director of Marketing

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