Since 2021, epsotech has been increasingly committed to the topic of sustainability, in particular to the ideal of the circular economy.

The group’s mission is to sustainably expand its product portfolio, increase the use of CO2-reducing materials and develop innovative products that enable a future worth living.

The new umbrella epsobrand underlines this transition to more sustainability and clear product differentiation. epsotech’s product world is as diverse as the markets and industries served by the group’s total of 6 European production sites.

The new epsobranding ensures a clear classification of the individual materials into the 3 product brands "epsoessential, epsoengineered, epsoearth" and brings their features and benefits to the foreground.

In this way, epsotech presents itself at the K trade fair 2022 with a clear and structured portfolio and innovative product solutions that are tailored to the requirements of the future.

The new corporate video takes the customer on the green journey and gives a first preview of the new branding.


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