epsotech at the K trade fair: consistent product names for better orientation

Press release, Jülich, October 2019

At the K trade fair in Düsseldorf from 16 to 23 October 2019, epsotech will be presenting its harmonised international portfolio of engineered polymer sheets to customers for the first time.

In future, customers will find it much easier to identify the product that matches their precise requirements from the plastic specialist’s extensive range.

The new portfolio with uniform product names is the result of a systematic process of product harmonisation. The aim was to give each product one name that would be the same all over the world. The epsotech brand name is now an integral part of each product name, regardless of the type of product and place of manufacture.
‘After our rebranding a year ago, product harmonisation was the logical next step,’ says Matthias von Buzay, CEO of the epsotech Group. ‘The result is a standardised labelling system that will give our customers better guidance and help them compare different products in our highly specialised portfolio. At the same time, the greater visibility of the core brand epsotech will strengthen our leading position in the highly competitive European plastics market.’ Whereas in the past, one product had different names in different countries, these have now been replaced with a standardised international product name.

Quick overview despite wide range of specifications

The product harmonisation is intended primarily to provide clearer guidance. It is now much quicker for epsotech customers to get an overview of the company’s extensive range of polymer sheets and available specifications. The names in the plastic films segment remain unchanged, however: products manufactured by epsotech’s subsidiary Axipack SAS will continue to be sold under the ViPrint brand name. Solutions from Carolex SAS, which specialises in medical packaging, are available under the Caroclear and Caroform brand names.

Launch at the K trade fair

epsotech is presenting its new portfolio to customers for the first time at the K trade fair and will be available to answer questions. From 1 November 2019, the company will then be selling all its polymer sheets under their new names – in parallel with the familiar product names during an initial transition period.

In addition, the company will be presenting new products for the transport sector, including its R1 product innovation. This R1 material is used primarily for wall and ceiling parts in trains and it meets the strict fire protection requirements of standard EN 45545-2. R1 offers several benefits to users: it is lighter than comparable products, offers individual design options and is fully recyclable.

‘With our R1 product innovation we hope to contribute to weight reduction and greater energy efficiency in trains, whilst complying with the extremely strict fire and impact resistance requirements,’ says Francois Venisse, Managing Director of epsotech France SAS and head of sales for epsotech’s Railway division. ‘In addition,’ he continues, ‘our plastics can be recycled after use without loss of quality, unlike composite materials. This reduces material costs and contributes to protecting the environment.’

Realignment continues

In harmonising its product names, epsotech is continuing with its systematic realignment. Last year, the company changed its name from VitasheetGroup to epsotech – engineered polymer sheets. The new brand name sums up what the group stands for: epsotech is the leading specialist when it comes to engineering, i.e. developing and manufacturing, high-quality polymer sheets.


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