Leo sets off

Last week our epsoearth team & further colleagues had the pleasure to be part of a very special event.

We accompanied our Leo at his release. Releasing seals is a very unique and unforgettable experience and we appreciate very much that we could be part of it

After months of recovery, the animals are finally ready to return to their home: the Wadden Sea. It is very special to see how a seal comes out of the release box and carefully explores the environment. Leo waited a few secs, the others shoot like a spear into the water.

At the Sealcenter, we learned that many seals get entangled in fishing nets and ropes, causing severe injuries.
And this is exactly the point where our story aligns...

The release was both emotional and inspiring, as we were able to talk about further joint approaches.

We are excited about the future - for Leo and our new projects.

About the Sealcenter:

Sealcentre Pieterburen is a science-based hospital and research centre for mainly Harbour and Grey seals. They work as a learning community, in which volunteers, student, visitors, partners and the general public are all involved. Together they strive for a clean environment for the seals and humans alike.


Carina Marotta
Director of Marketing

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