The pinnacle of engineered polymer sheet development for the railway industry.

Our epsotech range provides solutions that are safe, attractive and tough – with a significant weight saving benefit and lower cost than traditional materials and methods.

epsotech offers a range of solutions for modern passenger carriages.

For refurbishments and new projects, we currently produce a polypropylene-based material compliant with EN45545-2 HL3 R6 (seat shell and tray area). This material is the result of painstaking development efforts by our R&D team in Germany and is also available as a compound for injection moulded parts, to complement our engineered sheet solution.

For the maintenance of old rolling stock in the EU and for non-EU projects, we have a range of PC/ABS materials that meet the requirements of German DIN 5510-2 and French NF 16101/16102 on fire and smoke certification for most applications, such as seating, window surrounds, cladding and overhead components.

All of our products are available for non-EU applications, and we would be happy to discuss new projects with you.

epsotech Railway · Key products

Application Material Main Features
Seat shells and trays PP Railway R6 EN 45545-2, HL3. R6
Complimentary injection granules PP Railway IM EN 45545-2, criteria is dependent on part location and train type
Walls & ceilings, seat trays PC/ABC DIN 5510-2; NF 16101/16102, other requirements outside EU

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