We think ahead sustainably

As one of the leading manufacturers of engineered polymer sheets in Europe, we take our responsibility towards society and the environment very seriously.
We have identified four central areas for our sustainable actions:


Lightweight componentsCircular economy

Energy-efficient productionPackaging optimisation

epsotech – made for lightweight components

Our product development focusses on evermore sophisticated formulations for all applications. This, combined with weight reduction and resulting energy efficiencies, allows lower CO2 footprints to be achieved.

One example is our product innovation Railway R6 for seat covers in trains. The new product is manufactured on the basis of polypropylene, which has a particularly low density compared to conventional plastics and thus enables a weight reduction of 30 percent. In a train with 200 seats, for example, this corresponds to a weight reduction of 300 kg – with corresponding advantages in terms of energy consumption.


seats in train


weight reduction


weight saving

Circular economy

For a closed cycle, we are committed to collect our production-related material rejects along with remnants from further processing of our products and, to re-process them.

Our subsidiary Axipack is also increasingly using materials that are among the most recyclable of their kind – we have launched the ECO range with a 100 per cent recycled content for all types of stationery, promotional communications and labelling applications.

Pilot projects together with customers and industrial partners are one of the drivers of our success – in this way we are testing new sustainable models. For example, in cooperation with the Danish clean-tech producer PLASTIX A/S, we have recycled used fishing nets and ropes from Denmark to reduce marine pollution and prevent further waste. By this, we were able to further expand our use as a secondary raw material – today, the product share is already around 10 percent in the relevant monofilament product area.

Green Plastic, abandoned fishing nets

>10 Mt

of plastic are entering our seas & oceans every year. 11% of this plastic waste comes from the maritime industry

Plastic fibers in the laboratory


Being committed to the reduction of plastic waste and the ideal of a circular economy, epsotech is partnering with PLASTIX A/S – a manufacturer of Green Plastics.

PLASTIX A/S is a Danish cleantech recycling company specialized in converting fibres, primarily used fishnets, trawls and ropes that would previously have ended up in the ocean or on landfill, into high-grade and virgin-like Green Plastic raw materials.

Granulate, Fiber recycling

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Daniel Hefele
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What do you understand by “We believe in the benefits of plastics solutions doing it the right way”?

Plastics are the material of our times – durable, lightweight and recyclable. They are easy to process and can be tailor-made for a wide range of applications. Unfortunately, these materials too often become waste at the end of their lives. This is where we come in with our aim of investing in innovative recycling processes and collaborations to keep them in the value cycle.

What is your contribution towards more sustainability in the plastics industry?

Especially in times when more sustainability is demanded, we see it as our duty to focus our developments and innovations on the recyclability of our product range. Our mission is to offer a fully recyclable portfolio and generally substitute non-recyclable solutions in the market. This means working closely with our customers and partners to find new solutions for non-recyclable products and to increase the rate of material we collect and reprocess.

How far has epsotech come on the journey of increasing recycling share?

This journey has already started in the past; our entities have always taken back material from our customers but to varying extends. To move forward we are investing in our group-wide recycling strategy. We need to set-up closer relationships with our customers and are depending on their support and focus on well sorted and clean material returns.

To closely accompany and monitor the project we have appointed a project manager in charge – Daniel Hefele.

Daniel Hefele will be happy to receive your input…

T: +49 172 3994050

Energy-efficient production

In addition to material efficiency and in order to further reduce our energy consumption, we develop and implement programs and initiatives on energy saving.

For example, we have invested in to three new production processes in 2019, which will make a significant contribution to our overall energy efficiency. Besides, we are also investing in off-line areas, including LED lighting and less energy-intensive process cooling.

Packaging optimisation

We convert all packaging to recyclable material.

We have already significantly reduced our polyethylene film consumption and we work with our customers to collect and reuse pallets.

Our goal is to accelerate progress and outpace current performance in the reuse of recycled materials. We are committed to working towards a more sustainable future for our industry, our customers and our environment.


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