we care about plastics - launch of epsotech group-wide recycling campaign, new segment organization and cooperation with PLASTIX A/S

Press Release, Jülich, February 2021

For more than 60 years the epsotech group has been developing customized plastic solutions according to the technical specifications of its customers. Light, durable and low maintenance - these are just some of the attributes that make up the broadest product portfolio on the market. epsotech is operating Europe-wide with 8 production sites in six countries – following their maxim of being close to the customer.

epsotech believes in the benefits of plastics solutions doing it the right way

The topic of recycling has always had priority within the group. “Our entities have always taken back material from our customers but to varying extents. To move forward we are investing in our group-wide recycling strategy”, says Dr Matthias Stein, CEO of epsotech group. “Especially in times when more sustainability is demanded from the plastics industry, we see it as our duty to focus our developments and innovations on the recyclability of our product range. Our aim is to constantly increase the volume of buy back material from the market, and together with our customers, look for new solutions. We also aim to offer a fully recyclable portfolio in the medium term and replace non-recyclable solutions in the market. This means that we want to work even more closely with our customers and partners in the future.

New segment organization for a more targeted customer approach

For this reason, the group is realigning itself with the aim of being able to respond even faster and more efficiently to increasing market requirements. In addition to the "Industrial Automotive" and "Medical & Leisure" segments, which focus primarily on solutions based on ABS and PO, an independent "PS Segment" will be created, as well as additional segments such as "Fibre" and "PVC". This action is accompanied by adjusted corporate goals, which on the one hand relate to increasing the recycling rate and on the other hand focus even more strongly on the unique product range and the international presence - more on epsotech.com.

Together with PLASTIX A/S we give products a new life

The increased focus on recycling is supported by a recently signed cooperation agreement with PLASTIX A/S - a Danish recycler of Sea Plastics. PLASTIX A/S transforms used and scrapped fishing nets and ropes, which previously would have ended up in the sea or landfill, into high-quality plastic raw material.

“PLASTIX A/S has a great story to tell which absolutely goes in line with our corporate mission and we are excited to be part of this initiative” says Dr Stein.

With this cooperation, the plastics specialist underlines its role as a pioneer in the industry. “We have set ourselves the goal of noticeably increasing our developments in this area. With our new recycling campaign and the cooperation with PLASTIX A/S we have successfully initiated the transformation process”, emphasises Michael Hangelmann, CFO of epsotech group.

Be part of our green journey – also check our new landing page epsotech.com

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Carina Marotta