Materials for aircraft interiors have stringent requirements for fire behaviour, which are among the most difficult to achieve in any engineering application.

Common traditional methods for crew and cabin compartment parts involve the use of GRP and honeycomb lamination structures, but this comes at the cost of weight.

Our R57 and R72 PVC formulations meet certain requirements for FAR / JAR 25.853 and offer a significant weight saving benefit, whilst retaining excellent durability and ready finishes – our products are produced on-colour, therefore avoiding costly finishing process steps.

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Innovative PVC sheet R72 added to the epsotech aerospace range – Meeting higher specification FAR / JAR 25.853 (d)

R72 is a lightweight, tough, durable and flame-retardant sheet material for thermoforming which is particularly suitable for aircraft seating applications. R72 meets the stringent FAR / JAR 25.853 (d) specification (ex HCl) and raises the Group’s aircraft application capabilities to a new level. The UK facility has traditional links to the aerospace sector, with its approved and already well-known R57 sheet product, which meets the FAR / JAR 25.853 (a) specification. Available in an extensive range of colours and finishes, the modified PVC sheet R72, is easy to clean and resistant to staining, scratching and a wide range of concentrated chemicals. The lightweight and tough material is fire retardant and complies with the low smoke and heat release criteria.

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Application Material Features
Seat shells, trays, WC components, cladding

PV RA1 D5 (FAR d.55/55)
previous product coding R72

PV RA1 D6 (FAR d.65/65),
previous product coding R72

FAR / JAR 25.853 (a) App F Part 1 (a, 1, ii).
FAR / JAR 25.853 (a) App F Part 1 (a, 1, i).
FAR / JAR 25.853(d) (Ex HCI)
Gauge 1.2mm to 4.5mm
Seat shells, trays, WC components, cladding PV RA1 AA
previous product coding R57
FAR / JAR 25.853 (a) App F Part 1 (a, 1, ii) 1.2 mm and above.

FAR / JAR 25.853 (a) App F Part 1 (a, 1, i) 1.7 mm and above.

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